Volkswagen Caddy 2004 – 2020 GALIA Detachable Towbar Kit

Product Description:

Volkswagen Caddy GALIA Galvanized Detachable Towbar Kit

Vehicle Models : 2004 – 2020
Style : Commercial Van
Components Included :
Galvanized Detachable Towbar
Nuts & Bolts
Fitment Instructions

▪︎Lock: Automatic
▪︎Towing Capacity: 1.650 kg
▪︎No Bumper Cut
▪︎Socket Holder Can Be Folded Away

Canbus/Multiplex Relay + Wiring Socket will be required for your vehicle. Check out our Electrical Components section for your essential Wiring kit.

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Excluding VAT: 243.09 Including VAT: 299.00

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