Sealey RoadStart® Emergency Jump Starter – 12V 1000A

Product Description:

Sealey RoadStart® Emergency Jump Starter – 12V 1000A

Auxiliary Output: 12V

Cable & Clamp Length: 0.5m

Cold Cranking Amps: 300A

Integral Air Compressor: n/a

Maximum Pressure: n/a

Nett Weight: 7.68kg

Peak Amps: 1000A

Voltage: 12V

Cable and Clamp Length: 0.5m.
Delivers up to 1000 Peak Amps of initial starting power.
Composite case with integral battery clip storage and carry handle.
Suitable for starting vehicles with 4-cylinder petrol engines up to 2L and 4-cylinder diesel engines up to 2L.
Starts up to 30 cars before recharging, depending on the length of crank time needed to start each one.
LED Battery condition and charge indicators.
Test cycle button gives true battery indication.
230V Charger with automatic power cut-off prevents damage to battery whilst mains charging.
Fitted with 12V power socket that will accept any 12V device with a vehicle accessory socket plug.
Supplied with mains charger.



Excluding VAT: 186.18 Including VAT: 229.00