Roof Box 320L Carbon Black Look – 131x77x34

Product Description:

Roof Box 320L Carbon Black Look – 131x77x34

Carbon Look box allows the transport of your luggage, U profile grip, cross bar grip, polymer, loading capacity 55 kg, box weight 11.5 kg, City Crash certificate, volume 320 L

Any trip you make will be easier from now on. If you choose to use the Carbon Look box, you will gain more space for your luggage. Plan any vacation now because the Carbon Look product will help you bring with you as much luggage as you want. Are you ready for your next trip?

Box volume – 320 litres
Maximum load – 55 kg
Material – Polypropylene
Colour – Matte black, carbon texture
Outer length – 131 cm
Exterior width – 77 cm
Exterior height – 34 cm
Clamping system – 80 mm U system
Anti-theft – Yes
Opening – On one side
Box weight – 11.5 kg


Excluding VAT: 186.18 Including VAT: 229.00