Porsche Macan 2014 – 2024 Detachable Towbar Kit

Product Description:

Porsche Macan Detachable Towbar Kit

Vehicle Models : 2014 – 2024

Components Included :
Detachable Towbar
Detachable Swan Neck
Nuts & Bolts
Fitment Instructions

Canbus/Multiplex Relay + Wiring Socket will be required for your vehicle. Check out our Electrical Components section for your essential Wiring kit.

•All newly manufactured towbars are designed and manufactured to the latest European towbar standard Regulation 55 (55R).
•ISO 9001:2008 ?
•The initial design stage requires each towbar to get specific towbar mounting points for the vehicle, from the vehicle manufacturer.
•The vehicle is then brought to the design workshop where a towbar is designed using modern computer aided design (CAD).
•When the towbar has passed the test and results are verified by either the VCA in the UK , TUV in Germany or RDW in The Netherlands and then the Type Approval is issued

*Images may vary for advertising purposes as we have many Towbars available; MIW, Westfalia and Auto-Hak to mention a few


Excluding VAT: 267.48 Including VAT: 329.00

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