Cruz Ladder Clamps

Product Description:

Cruz Ladder Clamps

The design of the CRUZ Ladder Clamp’s fittings have been specially conceived to ensure that the professional user’s experience when loading and transporting ladders is easy, fast, safe and ergonomic. In this way, the professional users can, therefor, spend their time on what really matters.

External dimensions (L/W/H) – 457x47x427 mm
Max. Load – 40 Kg
Net weight – 2,10 Kg
Material – Plastic
TÜV GS – Yes
Crash test – Yes
DIN 75302:2019 – Yes
ISO/PAS 11154:2006 – Yes

Its structure is made of a special composite of reinforced plastic material (PA with fiberglass) that gives it a mixture of rigidity, for total safety (crash test), and flexibility, so as not to damage the ladders during loading and transport.
The innovative design of its mechanisms allows quick fitting of most ladders.
The loading and fitting time of the ladder is less than 2 minutes the first time it is used and less than 30 seconds in subsequent uses (transporting the same ladder).

The CRUZ Ladder Clamp is compatible with most roof racks and roof racks on the market.
Its security system with integrated anti-theft locks protects the transported ladders from being stolen.
CRUZ Ladder Clamp can fix up to 3 ladder sections and up to 44 centimetres wide each section.


Excluding VAT: 96.75 Including VAT: 119.00

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