Cruz Aluminium Pipe Carrier Extension + 1m

Product Description:

Cruz Aluminium Pipe Carrier Extension + 1m

Dimensions (L x W x H) – 1016,5x185x131 mm
Net weight – 3,60 Kg

Additional 1 meter section (CRUZ Pipe Carrier extension +1m) to increase the total length of the pipe carrier, if your needs as a professional make you have to transport longer materials.

CRUZ Pipe Carrier has been specially designed for professionals to safely and ergonomically transport on their vehicle copper and other material pipes, as well as plastic conduit and other types of long materials.
The pipe carrier can be opened at both ends to facilitate loading and unloading of the material.
The lockable end caps have an integrated security system to prevent theft of the transported material.
The lockable end caps are made of a technical plastic material with an internal steel reinforcement, to ensure that the transported material remains in place in the event of an accident.
The tightness of the product has been specially taken into account, so that the transported material is not damaged by coming into contact with water.

CRUZ Pipe Carrier is made of aluminium with a super-durable polyester textured paint finish both on the outside and inside of the product, which guarantees greater durability of the product and avoids damaging the transported material. In the case of transporting copper material, the interior painting also prevents the galvanic reaction between copper and aluminium.
The pipe carrier makes it possible to transport up to 66 tubes with a diameter of 15 mm or up to 40 tubes with a diameter of 20 mm.

CRUZ Pipe Carrier is compatible as standard (adapters included) with all CRUZ brand roof bars and roof racks for light commercial vehicles: CRUZ Alu Cargo, CRUZ Xpro 2022, CRUZ Evo Rack module, CRUZ Evo Rack Alu module and CRUZ Evo Rack Pro.


Excluding VAT: 104.88 Including VAT: 129.00

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