Sealey Space Warmer® Propane Heater Bottle Mounting – 14,330Btu/hr

Product Description:

14,330Btu/hr Space Warmer® Propane Heater – Bottle Mounting

Fuel Consumption: 0.22-0.33kg/hr

Fuel: Propane

Nett Weight: 2.0kg

Output: 10,250 – 14,330Btu/hr

EASY TO USE – This ceramic plaque space warmer/propane heater comes complete with 37mbar fixed regulator and 700mm gas hose so you can start heating the desired space as soon as it is connected.
EFFECTIVE OUTPUT – This compact propane heater has an output of 14,330Btu/hr.
EASY IGNITION – Fitted with a manual ignition system that makes it easy to start up.
MOUNTABLE – Mounts comfortably on to the rim of a propane cylinder and is ideal for heating any workspace or garage. (Propane cylinder not included).



Excluding VAT: 72.36 Including VAT: 89.00

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