140bar Professional Power Washer with TSS & Rotablast® Nozzle 230V

Product Description:

140bar Professional Power Washer with TSS & Rotablast® Nozzle 230V

Effective Cleaning Power: 240bar(3485psi)

Hose Length: 8m

Maximum Pressure: 140bar(2050psi)

Motor Power: 2100W

Nett Weight: 18.8kg

Nozzles: Pencil, Fan

Rotablast Nozzle®: Yes

Supply: 230V – 13A

Water Flow: 420L/hr

High performance, professional unit specifically designed for rigorous domestic, industrial and agricultural use.
Ideal for an extremely wide range of applications including cars, 4x4s, tractors, motorbikes, ATVs, patios and decking.
Fitted with a 2100W induction motor with a 420L/hr water flow rate and a maximum pressure of 140bar.
Features Automatic Total Stop System (TSS) which switches the motor on and off when the lance trigger is operated, prolonging the motor life.

Features innovative accessory storage on back of unit and 8m high pressure hose reel ensuring the unit stays clutter-free and fully mobile.
Fitted with brass fittings, aluminium head, integral pressure gauge and water filter system.
Supplied with 1.2L built-in adjustable detergent tank, variable nozzle and Rotablast® nozzle which helps develop the same effective cleaning power (ECP) as a 240bar/3485psi pressure washer.
Supplied with power cable fitted with 3-pin plug.



Excluding VAT: 560.16 Including VAT: 689.00

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