135bar Hot/Cold Water Power Washer 230V

Product Description:

135bar Hot/Cold Water Power Washer 230V

Professional, heavy-duty hot/cold water pressure washer designed for extensive domestic and light/heavy commercial use.
Fitted with a heavy-duty, upgraded induction electric motor with a diesel water heater.
Double motor (pump and burner) with three high durability steel pistons and aluminium axial pump.
Vertical boiler with high efficiency steel coil and safety valve.
Automatic temperature regulation.
Features an ergonomic handle with accessory holder, detergent tank is built-in for direct suction.

Fitted with a powerful 2100W motor with a 420L/hr water flow rate and a maximum pressure of 135bar.
Features an automatic Total Stop System (TSS) which switches the motor and heater on and off when the lance trigger is operated, prolonging the motor life.
Fitted with 8m hose reel.
Manufactured with heavy-duty plastic wheels for transportation over rough terrain.
Supply 230V.
Nett Weight: 39kg



Excluding VAT: 1,178.86 Including VAT: 1,450.00

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